Using online video

While video-sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo can be an effective tool for recruiting, onboarding and training, it has also become a business marketing and communication tool, often integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. By following a few simple steps, these powerful video networks can be a valuable element in any organisation’s online toolkit. These four steps can help make the best use of video content:

1  use these sites to host a range of videos that give potential employees a real familiarity with company culture and available careers

2  feature interviews with current employees to put an authentic and friendly face on the organisation and provide information potential employees require

3  establish a dialogue with potential recruits by enabling comments and responding to these regularly

4  link the organisation’s online videos to the company website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and other social media to provide more avenues for potential recruits to get information.

A video on YouTube or Vimeo could be the first opportunity to create a favourable impression with potential employees, so production values have to be high. A decent microphone will at least ensure the sound never detracts from the picture, and googling ‘using YouTube for staff induction and training’ reveals thousands of training/onboarding videos posted by organisations.

Similarly, training videos – health and safety is a popular subject on YouTube – can be used as a training aid or to reinforce lessons and learning points originally made at more traditional or formal training sessions.