Deciding on the right recruitment channel

The key to successfully communicating is to use channels or media that people you want to reach use themselves, which increasingly means digital media rather than newspaper job ads.

CIPD reports the most effective methods for attracting candidates are still corporate websites and recruitment agencies, with a marked increase in the use of professional online sites like LinkedIn and commercial job boards as traditional press advertising declines.

There are differences between sectors and organisation size: the public sector was more likely to find press advertising effective, while larger private sector organisations found their own websites more effective than their smaller counterparts. Underlying the importance of staff retention, engagement, and career progression, operating an effective internal labour market – encouraging existing employees to apply for posts – will increase the chance to develop new skills, experience and promotion opportunities. Developing an internal labour market also has the benefits of building engagement and promoting the employer brand.

Referrals from employees are also increasingly recognised as an effective (not least in terms of cost) way of attracting candidates via people’s acquaintances in the same field or range of professional network contacts. Employer brand will play its role in this, and can be boosted by using company websites to communicate the vision, values ! and culture of an organisation rather than just list ‘latest vacancies’.