Adapting the brand to your specifications

Clearly there is no one size fits all determinant of what makes an employer desirable. It’s therefore important to align what you want to be famous for with the preferences of the people you’re looking to attract.

When women choose an employer, pleasant atmosphere, work-life balance, accessibility and flexibility are especially important. For men, career progression and the financial health of the organisation are key drivers. Young candidates focus more on training and opportunities to take up international assignments than participants aged over 45. Job security and accessibility are especially important for people with few educational qualifications, while better educated participants focus more on job content and career progression.

Stay or go?

The factors that influence staying with an employer differ from the ones that encourage people to move to a new job. For example, good work-life balance is the top reason to stay, especially among the 45-65 age group. Poor pay and lack of career opportunities are the top two reasons to start looking for a job elsewhere, especially among graduates. Having no interest in the job was one of the top reasons for young people (under 24) to look for a new employer.