Layers of an employer brand

It has never been easy to find the right candidates. Skills shortages, scarcity of talent, the impact of social media on online recruiting and continuing cost pressures mean this is still a challenging time for hiring in the UK, even though the economy appears to have recovered from the worst effects of the post-2008 recession.

Every organisation has an employer brand, whether consciously established, diligently nurtured or the product of benign neglect. Your employer brand serves as the billboard for your organisation. And with the transparency of social media, that brand may be represented by a variety of messages, only a fraction of which will come directly from you and not all of which will necessarily be positive or reflect what you offer employees.

So what exactly is employer branding? This term describes the image of your organisation among current and prospective employees, along with a wider set of stakeholders that includes people who might work for you in the future or people that influence them such as their family, friends or social networks. A compelling employer brand can thus boost your ability to attract, engage and retain a high-performance workforce.